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Introducing Snillrik Booking Plugin: Simplify and Streamline Your Booking Management

Effortless Booking for Associations, Clubs, and Living Communities

Snillrik Booking Plugin offers endless possibilities for its users. Whether you are managing bookings for a guest house, track, shooting range, club house, or laundry room, this plugin is designed to cater to your specific needs.Imagine being able to seamlessly integrate a user-friendly booking system into your association or living community’s website. With Snillrik, you can easily create a booking page where members or guests can select their desired service and pick a suitable date and time. The plugin instantly checks for availability, and upon confirmation, the booking is secured.For administrators, Snillrik provides a comprehensive backend management system. You can effortlessly view and manage all bookings, whether it’s an overview of reservations or specific details for a particular day. This gives you complete control over the scheduling and allocation of resources for your venue.

One of the standout features of Snillrik is the flexibility it offers in terms of membership options. Instead of charging for each booking, Snillrik allows you to set up yearly or monthly membership fees for your association or community. This ensures a sustainable revenue stream without burdening users or members with additional costs for each reservation.

Snillrik also offers convenient shortcodes that empower users. They can access their booking details, manage personal information, update passwords, and more, all from their user page. Additionally, easy cancellation options provide flexibility for users in case of changes in plans.

In summary, Snillrik Booking Plugin simplifies the booking experience for associations, clubs, and living communities.

It provides a seamless online platform that streamlines the booking process, offers flexible membership options, allows efficient backend management, and empowers users with powerful shortcodes. With Snillrik, you can optimize your booking management and provide a smooth and hassle-free experience for both administrators and members/guests.

Unlock the Full Potential of Snillrik Booking Plugin with these Powerful Shortcodes:

The front end functionallity is done with shortcodes, so it will work with any theme or wordpress builder.

1. Booking Form: Make booking a breeze with the [snillrik_booking_form] ;shortcode. Simply add it to your page and customize the settings as needed. For example, you can choose to show or hide the login option and even pre-select a specific service to streamline the booking process.

2. Register User: Create a seamless user registration experience with the [snillrik_booking_register_user] shortcode. This allows users to easily sign up for an account on your website. You can also integrate other register plugins or functions to suit your preferences.

3. Login Box: Enhance user accessibility with the [snillrik_booking_wplogin] shortcode. By adding this shortcode, you can insert a login box on your website. If users are already logged in, a convenient link to their personalized “My Page” will be displayed instead.

4. User Page: Empower your users to manage their personal information effortlessly using the [snillrik_booking_userpage
shortcode. With this shortcode, users can easily update their name, address, and other details, providing a seamless user experience.

5. Change Password: Allow users to maintain their account security with the [snillrik_booking_password] shortcode. Users can conveniently change their password using this shortcode, ensuring their information stays protected.

6. User Bookings: Provide users with a comprehensive overview of their bookings using the [snillrik_booking_user_bookings] shortcode. Customize the settings to display bookings within a specific timeframe, order the list, and even choose whether to include a title. This visually appealing list will keep users informed and organized.

7. Block Content: Restrict content based on user login status using the [snillrik_booking_block] shortcode. For example, you can limit access to certain pages or sections exclusively to logged-in users, creating a sense of exclusivity or privacy.

Unlock the true potential of Snillrik Booking Plugin with these versatile shortcodes and deliver a seamless booking experience to your users, making their journey smoother and more convenient.