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Plugin Snillrik Settings

Introduce yourself to a new era of simplified WordPress customization with our Snillrik Settings plugin! This groundbreaking tool centralizes common tasks into a user-friendly interface, eliminating the need for coding hacks or hooks in functions.php.

Snillrik Settings plugin allows you to regain control over crucial website elements. Switch off the Gutenberg editor to employ the classic interface or deactivate new widgets to retain your classic favorites. Maintain your website’s professional atmosphere by turning off comments without deleting historical data.

Experience full control of your site navigation with tailored login, logout, and profile redirect pages, ultimately enhancing your user experience. Replace your generic login logo with your unique brand logo from the customizer. 

Snillrik Settings lets you manage who sees the admin toolbar within the frontline, guide email settings for efficient testing, and secure your WordPress against potential attacks by disabling xmlrpc.php. Enhance your WooCommerce customers’ shopping experience by redirecting them to checkout post “add to cart”.

Lastly, easily access the beloved WordPress Customizer via the Appearance tab, even in Twentytwentytwo theme. Enjoy unparalleled control and customization with Snillrik Settings, your one-stop solution for WordPress site management.

The settings

Turn off Gutenberg

To turn off the default editor and use classic instead.

Turn off new Widgets

To use classic widgets instead of the new.

Turn off comments

For turning off the comments, both the fronten and in admin. Does not delete old comments.

Redirect login

Select a page to redirect to after logging in. Admins will still redirect to wp-admin.

Redirect logout

Select a page to redirect to after logging out.

Redirect profile

Select a page to redirect the profile link to, (the one in the admin bar etc.)

login logo

Use the logo set in the customizer as login logo. If no logo is set, it will use the default logo.

Titles on pages

Filter the_title -function to not show a title if there is a H1 in content. The Idea is that if you have a large image or other stuff that you want above the title, you just add a H1 where you want it and the automatic one will not be shown.

Admin toolbar in frontend

Does not show the toolbar in fronted. You can select witch roles that should still see it.


Redirect all emails to admin to ensure that customers or users get no emails.
Probably mostly used for development and testing.

Default email

Set the default name and email address for all emails sent from the site. ie the wordpress@mydomain.org mail.


Turn off xmlrpc.php xmlrpc is used to communicate with WP and is mostly not used, but it is a way for haxxor type people to attack your site.


If WooCommerce is active on the site, you can choose to redirect to Checkout after “add to cart”, so skipping the cart-part.

Get the WordPress customizer back

In themes like the Twentytwentytwo it’s really hard to find the link to the customizer. This adds it under Appearance, …where he belongs!