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About Snillrik

If you are looking for the Swedish site, it’s here

At Snillrik, we’re really good at making useful add-ons for WordPress websites.

They specialize in creating add-ons or extensions for WordPress websites. Add-ons can include plugins, themes, widgets, or other tools that enhance the functionality or appearance of a WordPress website.

Dudes for WordPress

We’ve done this for a long time, making special tools for big companies.

Snillrik has been in the business for a significant period, during which they have developed specialized tools for large corporations. This suggests a level of competence and reliability in their services.

Now, we’ve also started selling different helpful tools that anyone can use to improve their websites.

In addition to serving big companies with custom solutions, they now offer a range of helpful tools that are accessible to a broader audience. These tools are designed to assist anyone in enhancing their websites, suggesting a commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

Snillrik booking plugin for wordpress
WordPress restaurant menu plugin

People already know us as experienced developers who are great at turning your ideas into easy-to-use things.

Snillrik is known as an experienced team of developers who excel at translating their clients’ ideas into user-friendly solutions. It emphasizes their ability to not only create technical solutions but also make them user-friendly and accessible.